“Made in Italy, Full Quality”

Thanks to twenty years’ experience in the sector, combined with latest generation hardware and software technologies, we design and manufacture all the components of our pneumatic actuators internally. In the production plant at Villa Carcina (8,000 m²) we perform the die casting, painting and assembly of small and medium-sized actuators. The Sarezzo plant (3,500 m²) is instead dedicated to the production of large pneumatic actuators, such as Heavy Duty actuators.

Concentrating the entire design and production process in Italy within ACTUATECH means we can guarantee the supply of high quality solutions. Our technical experts, in fact, monitor every phase of the process, making continuous improvements to satisfy the increasingly complex market demands.

By focusing on the quality of the product and its continuous improvement, we have now become a reliable partner of production companies from the most varied industries, from chemicals to the solar industry.